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Economic Fundamentals In Australia

This website is solely designed to support purchasers of the 8th edition of the text ‘Economic Fundamentals in Australia’, written by Romeo Salla, David MacGregor, Timmee Grinham and Rachelle Simpson. The website will be updated over time to include activities that support both the content and exercises contained in this popular textbook.


CPAP Exam Preparation Lectures

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CPAP Exam Preparation Lectures

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AOS Activity Centres

At the end of each Area of Study, the text includes a comprehensive Activity Centre (five in total) containing practice SAC and examination questions, in addition to a giant review crossword puzzle for each AOS. The complete answers for all of the questions (including xword) from the activity centres can be downloaded below.

Please note that it represents a breach of copyright laws to photocopy the questions from each activity centre and then download the answers from this website (e.g. for class use in non-booklisted schools). The answers are designed for the exclusive use of purchasers of the text.

About the authors

Romeo Salla completed Honours and Masters degrees in Commerce (Economics major) at the University of Melbourne before moving to Canberra to work as an Economist with the Commonwealth Department of Treasury. After a few years he was promoted within the federal bureaucracy to the position of Senior Economist with the Industry Commission (now Productivity Commission). Since 1996 he has been employed as a Senior Teacher and Head of Faculty at large private schools in Melbourne, teaching VCE and IB Economics, as well as working more widely in Economics education. Romeo has held positions of responsibility with the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA) as an assessor of final examinations, including as Chief Assessor, and is also the founder of the website www.economicstutor.com.au. He is also a co-author of the CPAP Study Guide to VCE Economics and co-author of Economics from the Ground Up (CPAP). Romeo regularly presents to Economics teachers and students on behalf of the VCTA and CPAP and is a prolific writer of assessment tasks and practice examinations. He has also developed the popular smartphone App (Economics Tutor), containing 1000+ multiple choice and short answer questions.

David MacGregor completed Honours and Masters degrees in Commerce (Economics major) at the University of Melbourne. He was employed by the University as an Assistant Lecturer in the Institute of Education as well as a Tutor in 1st and 2nd year Macroeconomics, Microeconomics and Econometrics. Since completing his Diploma of Education he has taught at Ballarat Grammar, Lauriston Girls’ School, Camberwell Grammar and Mazenod College. Currently, David is Director of Staff Development at Presbyterian Ladies’ College and teaches both IB and VCE Economics. He has held positions of responsibility with the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA) as a State Reviewer and as an examination assessor, including as Assistant Chief Assessor. He has also contributed to various publications and regularly presents to economics teachers and students on behalf of the VCTA and CPAP. .

Timmee Grinham completed a Bachelor of Economics (Economics and Politics majors) with Honours in Politics and a Graduate Diploma in Education at Monash University, Melbourne. Following her undergraduate studies, Timmee worked towards a PhD in Women’s Studies, during which time she was employed as a Tutor and sessional Lecturer. Timmee was the Assistant Editor of the Australian Tax Forum during her undergraduate studies, and she worked as an editor for the Monash Postgraduate Association. Timmee has worked as a senior Commerce (Economics and Business Management) and Humanities teacher at several government and independent schools. Timmee contributes to various publications and presents professional development sessions to other teachers of Economics. She is also author of the quarterly CPAP Updates for VCE Economics Units 3 and 4 and co-author of Economics from the Ground Up (CPAP). Timmee has worked as an assessor of final examinations in VCE Economics (including as Assistant Chief Assessor) and Business Management, and chairs the Economics Advisory Group of the VCTA. Since 2017, Timmee has served as a member of the Reserve Bank of Australia Educators Advisory Panel. Timmee was a member of the panel of experts that developed the new VCE Economics study design.

Rachelle Simpson discovered her passion for Economics in high school in NSW and went onto complete at a Bachelor of Economics at the Australian National University. Following this she completed a Master of Business in Marketing at Charles Sturt University and then a PhD in Applied Economics at Victoria University where she examined the relationship between globalisation and development in the world’s poorest countries. Rachelle’s particular areas of interest are trade, how countries achieve economic progress and economic history. Prior to becoming a teacher, Rachelle worked in the finance industry sectors of banking, superannuation and insurance and held leadership roles in operations, compliance, business transformation and project delivery. Since becoming a teacher Rachelle has taught in both independent and catholic schools in Victoria. Her teaching experience encompasses a range of Commerce and Humanities subjects including the VCE subjects of Economics, Accounting, Business Management and Australian and Global Politics. Rachelle is on the Victorian Commercial Teacher’s Association Economics Advisory Committee (VCTA). She has also contributed to VCTA’s Compak journal and is an assessor of VCE Economics examinations for the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA).

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